Menacing 1966 Mustang Coupe 347 Street/Strip Build

1966 mustang coupe street strip build


Justin wanted a Fastback, but his budget was short, so he found this stock 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe powered by its factory 289 Small Block on Craigslist and decided that's the one for his street/strip project. I also think he did the right choice, as the Fastbacks are way too valuable to mess with.

1966 ford mustang 347 build


With all the budget built 1965-66 Mustangs I've seen, this Coupe is definitely one that stands out. It has a mean all business look, sports a 347 Stroker equipped with Paxton Supercharger pushing north of 600 horsepower on street trim, and as you're about to see it's plenty of fun.

Check out the AutotopiaLA video to see this 1966 Ford Mustang flexing muscle.


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ford mustang 347 build
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