The Most Radical ’68 Shelby GT500 Street Car Build

blown 1968 shelby gt500 street car

Shout out to the Wolfpack Rides as this is one of their wild cars. The owner shares that this radical 1968 Shelby GT500 build is actually set up for street driving with low stall converter, meaning that the engine won’t rev before the trans engages.

1968 shelby gt500 street car build

This allows the 1968 Shelby GT500 to hook up great instead of burning rubber as soon as you step on it. Don’t get me wrong, with the roots style blower on top of the big cube engine this thing makes 1,300hp, so it still shreds the tires with ease.

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Check out the Dotts Media video to see and hear more of this Shelby GT500.

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1968 mustang shelby gt500kr up close
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