The 1968 Dodge Dart “Hell’s Hemi” | Owner Interview

1968 dodge hemi dart ss/ah

Every year the Dodge//SRT NHRA U.S. Nationals event gathers the most fascinating Mopar muscle cars in existence. One of the hottest Super Stockers that showed up in Indianapolis was Jr. Baum’s 1968 Dodge Dart.

Play Class Racing Today’s video interview with the owner and hear the beast below.

The “Hell’s Hemi” 1968 Dodge Dart catches the eyeballs with its spectacular paint job, but as you know SS/AH Mopars are not just about the looks.

jr. baum 1968 dodge dart hell's hemi

We currently don’t have any footage of Jr. Baum drag racing his 1968 Dodge Dart, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy a little bit of the monstrous HEMI sound.

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super stock lo23 dodge hemi dart
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