Reid Whisnant's Plymouth HEMI Duster Restoration Story

pro stock plymouth hemi duster


Reid Whisnant of Stockbridge, GA and his 1972 Plymouth HEMI Duster have a place in Pro Stock drag racing history. The famous racer passed away on the last day of 2005 at the age of 70 (RIP), but his Mopar was resurrected.

reid whisnant plymouth duster restoration


The current owner grew up in Atlanta where Reid Whisnant was very respected by drag racing enthusiasts. He also restored the 1972 Plymouth Duster with the help of one of Reid's sons, and shares the story in front of the camera.

reid whisnant 1972 plymouth hemi duster


Check out John Wilburn's video from the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals, where the Mopar was displayed. You'll learn the full story of Reid Whisnant's Plymouth Duster restoration, and hear the magnificent HEMI sound at the end.

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