The Hottest Mercury Cougar XR7 You Could Get in 1969

hottest 1969 mercury cougar xr7

The Mercury Cougar was designed with a bit of European flavor and offering more luxury when compared to the Mustangs. However, the Big 3 knew that during the 60’s most buyers wouldn’t opt in just for style and comfort, they also wanted performance.

1969 mercury cougar xr7 428 cj

That’s how the Mercury Cougar XR7 version was born, and it became Motortrend Car of the Year in ’67. By 1969 the Cougar was also offered with convertible top and variety of engines with the most powerful being the 428 CJ. Not many Mercury XR7 Cougars came with drop top and Cobra Jet V8, and this is one of them.

Play the video for the full story of this ’69 Mercury Cougar XR7 told by Kevin Oeste.

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