Stephen Yantus & The Super Stock HEMI Karolina Kuda

Today we are going to take a closer look at Anthony Rhodes' 1968 Plymouth Barracuda SS/AH, which won the 2020 Dodge HEMI Challenge with Stephen Yantus behind the wheel, and the Best Appearing Car award in 2021.


stephen yantus 1968 plymouth barracuda

From the amazing appearance achieved by Travis Hess' work, which is second to none, to the monstrous HEMI under the hood built by Charlie Westcott at Militia Racing, the Super Stock Karolina Kuda is a true masterpiece.


super stock hemi karolina kuda

Steve Yantus also gets in the car and explains how everything from the burnout to the top end works, and at the end starts up the Super Stock 1968 Plymouth Barracuda so you can hear the voice of the HEMI powerplant.


Sounds like fun, right? Check out the NHRA video to see all about the Karolina Kuda!

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