Unrestored 1970 Cougar Eliminator | Still on the Road

unrestored 1970 mercury cougar eliminator


Competition Gold, Hurst shifted 4-speed, 428 Super Cobra Jet engine, 3.91 rear gears, this 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator is all business. As you figured from the title the Cat is no trailer queen either, it has never been restored, and it stays on the road where it belongs.

428 super cobra jet mercury cougar eliminator unrestored


This amazing piece of American automotive history belongs to Michael Bank's who runs the Eliminator Owners and Enthusiasts group tracking the 1969-1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminators for the Cougar Club of America. You can find them on Facebook and YouTube.

Play Dezzy's video to meet Mike Bank and see more of his unrestored 428 SCJ Cougar Eliminator.


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