Kurt Neighbor's 1964 Ford Thunderbolt 427 FE Up Close

kurt neighbor 1964 ford fairlane thunderbolt


Kurt Neighbor is one of those old school car guys that you rarely meet nowadays, and he is a real encyclopedia when it comes to drag racing and FoMoCo engines. He just won Class Eliminations at NHRA U.S. Nationals with his Super Stock 427 FE Thunderbolt.

427 fe ford thunderbolt drag racing


It's a 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt clone fitted with a dual quad high riser 427 powerplant. The engine was built and tuned by the owner Kurt Neighbor and he estimates it at way over 900 horsepower, which he controls with a 4-speed transmission.

Play REVan Evan's video for more info on the '64 Fairlane Thunderbolt and some action!


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