chevy chevelle malibu wagon two tons of fun


This custom Chevy is cool in so many ways the way you see it, but of course like all hot American cars it has a story. Yancy Johns was lucky to find this 1971 Malibu bone stock, with no rust, so he bought it, paint it and gave it a SS trim. Later on the wagon ended up in California with Steven Rupp known for the insane "Bad Penny" 68' Camaro he built back in 2007.

1971 chevrolet chevelle station wagon


Pro Touring Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon - Two Tons of Fun.

After going trough few stages of modification in 2013 the Chevelle station wagon became "Two Tons of Fun". Set on Global West suspension, spinning a set of Forgeline rims with Nitto tires, Wilwood brakes, powered by a LS3 Chevy Performance engine backed by a Tremec T56 Magnum manual transmission this wicked Chevrolet Chevelle was ready to attend the 2013 Super Chevy Suspension & Handling Challenge.

Check out the video to get more info from Steven Rupp. Watch,Enjoy & Share!


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