Jeff Lutz Went Nuts Again at Drag Week 2016

jeff lutz twin turbocharged camaro drag racing


Lutz's Promod Camaro Dominates Drag Week!

Although Jeff Lutz showed up at Hot Rod Drag Week 2016 with the exact same set up - Precision Twin Turbocharged 540 cubic inch V8 motor he raised the bar again by running the 1/4 mile with an average of 6.19 seconds for the five days of drag racing. By having less sleep and more time working on his monstrous street legal Promod Camaro between the races Jeff and team Lutz Race Cars proved that passion and dedication are the key to success.

See the 1320video to follow the action trough the entire week. Watch, Enjoy & Share!


Jeff Lutz's Promod Camaro at Drag Week 2015