Immaculate 1967 Chevy Nova Runs Low 8-Seconds

8 second 1967 chevy II nova drag racing

Most drag racing enthusiasts from the Chicago are will recognize this beautiful 1967 Chevy II Nova as it belongs to Rob Vander Woude who is a member of the Chicago Outlaw Super Stock drag racing team (not sure if he still has the car). Check out the walkaround video and listen to it idle as Rob’s Son is getting ready to head to tech and then watch the second video below to see the 1967 Chevy Nova in action.

Now that you saw the immaculate 1967 Chevy II Nova a.k.a. “Box That Rocks” all the way around, you can watch my man James Hrovat’s second video from Route 66 Raceway where the Chicago Outlaw Super Stock ’67 Nova did a very nice 8.25 seconds at 138mph quarter mile pass.

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