Rare Floral Top A12 Dodge Super Bee in Top Shape

rare floral top a12 dodge super bee

Original 1969 Dodge Super Bee with the A12 option and a Floral Top, that’s already a special Mopar. But when you add the fact that this is also a post car and it has a 4-speed, you are looking at one very rare muscle car. The owner of this beautiful piece of American automotive history spent about 12 months searching for a Floral Top A12 Dodge Super Bee. Darrin Stanke acquired the Mopar in 2016, started the restoration right away, and had the car ready for the Midwest Mopars in the Park event in 2020.

Check out the KDawgFilmz’ video to see more of this rare A12 Dodge Super Bee.

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rare 1970 dodge coronet super bee
Click on the Photo to See the Story of This Rare 1970 Dodge Super Bee

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