The 10 Most Fascinating Mopars Auctioned at Mecum

most expensive mopars sold at mecum auctions

Today we are looking at the 10 most expensive Mopar muscle cars sold at Mecum Auctions in 2020. There is only one that is not a classic, but a radical custom built modern Mopar, that’s the Six-Twelve Auto Worx 2019 Challenger Hellcat you’ll see on the Marspeed’s video thumbnail below, which was converted to 1969 Charger with carbon fiber body. Other than that you’ll see some awesome Winged Wariors and mainly HEMI powered cars with the most expensive one being the unrestored Bahama Yellow 1971 Plymouth HEMI GTX Sunroof sold for $374,000 on the photo above.

Check out Marspeed’s video to see all Mopars and let me know which one is your favorite.

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