Ford Galaxie Race Cars at the Bernina Gran Turismo

ford galaxie 427 hill climb racing

The Bernina Gran Turismo is definitely not a race where one would expect to see a legendary American beast like the 427 powered Ford Galaxie. Well, in the 2021 edition of the hill climb race there were couple of them intimidating the rest of the drivers with monstrous V8 sounds.

427 powered ford galaxie bernina gran turismo

Arjan Blok, owner of one of the 427 powered Ford Galaxie race cars shares that participating in such event was a great experience. The biggest challenges they faced was balancing the traction and speed as there was a very little room for errors while climbing the hills of the Swiss mountains.

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Play the 19Bozzy92 video to see the 427 powered Ford Galaxie race cars in motion.

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