428 SCJ Ford Mustang | Fascinating Looks and Sounds

428 scj 1970 ford mustang


Fully restored in 2009, this Grabber Orange 1970 Ford Mustang has been well taken care of, and still fascinates with its stout looks and magnificent V8 sounds. Magnum 500 wheels, black shaker and chrome hood locks is a combination that scream American muscle.

428 scj 1970 mustang mach 1


As a factory R-code car, this 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 still sports its original 428 Super Cobra Jet engine, fully rebuilt and nicely detailed. The power is transferred through Hurst shifted close ratio 4-speed transmission and traction-lok rear with 3.91 gears.

Check out Fort Pitt Classic Cars video to see and hear more of this 428 SCJ Ford Mustang.


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