Boss Powered 1969 Mercury Cougar Runs 8's on Motor

1969 mercury cougar 1/4 mile racing


While I did not get a chance to see this Boss Powered 1969 Mercury Cougar in person, I am sure it was one of the hottest muscle cars that attended the 2021 Hot Rod Drag Week. You do not see many naturally aspirated 8-second cars even at that event.

boss powered mercury cougar drag racing


The Gulf Stream Aqua 1969 Mercury Cougar packs one of the Jon Kaase monstrous Boss 9 engines, a 547 cube Boss to be exact. That engine makes 860hp out of the box, but running 8.7 second passes at over 153mph on motor is still crazy.

Play the Drag Racing and Car Stuff video to see the '69 Mercury Cougar 1/4 mile drag racing.


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1967 mercury cougar gt big block build
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