Colorado Winter Prep: What to Keep in Your Car (+ Insurance for Emergencies)

Living in a cold and mountainous state like Colorado has its ups and downs. The winters present opportunities for snow sports that simply aren’t possible in a state like Florida. Skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, and outdoor ice skating are all popular activities in the Rocky Mountains.


These activities are just as dangerous as they are fun, and people who travel or live in Colorado need to prepare for the worst, just in case. This means getting the right equipment for the weather and taking out an insurance policy for your car that will comprehensively cover all the mishaps that occur in these cities.

Cheap auto insurance in Fort Collins isn’t hard to find, with rates coming in at around $30 a month. Farmers Insurance has the best insurance in Fort Collins and surrounding cities, but what are some things that your agency won’t be able to cover? How can you prepare on your own for disaster when your backup plans aren’t enough?


We’ll cover the supplies you need in both your house and your vehicle when a Colorado storm hits you upside the head. We will also discuss some of the best cars to drive in these situations and how you can still have fun while focusing on the safest measures for the season.

Supplies to Keep in Your Car for Emergencies

If you’re planning on taking a trip through a snowy pass or another similar environment, you need to keep a lot of supplies at the ready. Fill up with gas before you head off on your trip, but also bring an additional gas can or two just in case you run out before the next stop.


Bring food and water. Granola bars, peanuts, pecans, and other high-protein goodies will keep you healthy and powered up for the duration of your time out in the boonies.

What about lights? You can’t forget about those. Your phone has a great flashlight on it, but you might want to preserve battery power on that device to contact the authorities and other friends or family who could lend a helping hand.

Speaking of batteries, bring a whole bunch of them. If you have room in your vehicle and are going to a remote location, you might even bring a generator or another hefty backup option. There is never too much preparation you can do when it comes to power, food, gas, and other essentials. You never think that anything is going to go wrong until it does. Then it’s too late.

Best Cars for the Snow

It should be obvious that certain vehicles are not meant for driving up a snowy mountain in the Colorado winter. Taking your classic Chevy Camaro or your legendary Pontiac Firebird into the Rocky Mountains isn’t a good idea.

Make sure that you buy a car or truck that is economical, friendly for the environment, and practical for what you’re going to be driving it for. Four-wheel drive is essential, and chains in the trunk are important to give you an extra grip on a slippery road.

Some drivers take these measures to mean that they can drive like crazy and nothing bad will happen. Never change your driving habits. Remember all the lessons you were taught in driver’s education, and amp them up tenfold.

Be mindful of the consequences, but be decisive in your decisions. Use your best judgment and keep in mind that the weather and the elements don’t care about your arrogance. Save the sports cars and the motorcycles for your summer trip to California.

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Extra Precautions to Keep in Mind

There are a few more things you can do to protect yourself when traversing the Colorado snow. We already talked about how Fort Collins has pretty good insurance rates, but surrounding cities aren’t too shabby, either.

Talk to an agent who understands the struggles of living in the snow and will give you the most comprehensive coverage possible for your situation. Let them know how often you are going to be driving in the mountains and putting yourself at risk. They can help find a compromise between you and the company that will protect the driver without costing them a fortune.

Lastly, let your loved ones know when you are going to be out on a snow day. The worst thing you can do is leave and not inform others where you are going. Keep your folks in the know so they can check up on you.

If you keep this in mind, you should enjoy all that Colorado has to offer.

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Shawn Laib writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, He wants to let people know of the dangerous elements in cold-weather states and help them prepare for the worst so they can be at ease in case of an emergency.