'72 Plymouth Duster | Fastest Stock Suspension Mopar

It all started when Rick Trunkett was in high school and wanted to test the skills he learned in automotive tech class. He bought the 1972 Plymouth Duster, threw a V8 motor in it, and has been modifying it ever since. Today, Rick runs the 1/4 mile in 7-seconds and believes he has the fastest stock suspension Mopar in the US.


plymouth duster fastest stock suspension mopar

Acquiring the Plymouth Duster was my worst financial decision ever, but no regrets!

The 1972 Plymouth Duster currently sports a big cube small block Mopar engine. Dressed with top shelf go fast parts and boosted with a pair of Precision turbochargers, the car makes over 1,600 horsepower to the wheels. Did I mention it is a street car?


twin turbo small block plymouth duster drag racing

Rick shares that he faced a lot of issues with the 1972 Plymouth Duster build during the years. However, he managed to overcome every obstacle and achieve his goal to play with the big boys. If you ask me, that is because Rick has the right approach.


plymouth duster drag racing on stock suspension

The Co-owner of Big 3 Racing has used a lot of Stainless Works components in the 1972 Plymouth Duster build, and the guys did a great video interview with him. Check it out to see and hear more of the fastest stock suspension Mopar in the country.

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1972 plymouth duster miss behaven
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