1971 Plymouth 426 HEMI Cuda Convertible Ride Along

Today we are going to look at one beautiful 1971 Plymouth Cuda. It is not a factory HEMI car, but it is very well put together and it has a 4-speed. It is not a million dollar Mopar either, but if it was it would not be out on the road as often.


1971 plymouth hemi cuda convertible

Have you ever experienced the thrill to ride in a Convertible HEMI powered Mopar? Well, I have not, and truly enjoyed this opportunity provided by Jim a.k.a Muscle Car Campy and the 1971 Plymouth Cuda owner Dan Fling.


hemi powered 1971 plymouth cuda convertible

Dan is not a die hard Mopar guy. He has a variety of old muscle cars, and enjoys every one of them the right way, on the road. Jim who is a former editor for major car magazines had a chance to drive the HEMI Cuda, and they had a good time.


1971 plymouth hemi cuda ride along

Check out the video to see a little more about Dan Fling's Convertible 1971 Plymouth Cuda, and of course go for a ride. The 426 HEMI sounds real good when the top is down.

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