1966 Chevy II Wagon | Immaculate Super Stock Race Car

I have seen some wild station wagons at drag racing events like Street Car Takeover during the years, but this 1966 Chevy II is something else. It competes in NHRA Super Stock Eliminator class, and it looks like a top notch show car.


1966 chevy II wagon super stock eliminator

The Chevy Wagon sports a 327 small block topped with a quick fuel carb connected to built TH350 trans with Ultimate torque converter and 12-bolt posi with 5.88 rear gears. Launching at 3,400 RPM with the front wheels in the air, Paul runs 10's on the quarter.


1966 chevy II wagon super stock race car

Bobby Fazio did an interview with the owner Paul Sutherland at Maple Grove Raceway. Check out the video to learn more about the Super Stock 1966 Chevy II Wagon set up as well as the techniques Paul used to make this beautiful paint.


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