Plymouth Road Runner 440: Marvelous Exhaust V8 Sounds

I have been following this guy and his Plymouth Road Runner build progress for years. Clean tough look and angry Big Block 440 under the hood, that is how I like them old Mopars. I thought I will share with you this cool exhaust V8 sound comparison video he filmed. But let me tell you real quick about the car first.


plymouth road runner v8 exhaust sound

It is a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner and as most of you know, they did not come with a 440 from the factory. Just the A12 optioned 1969½ Mopars, but they had a Six Pack/Barrel. This one was originally 383 powered, now fitted with a beefed up 440 Big Block. The owner likes to play with it a lot.


plymouth road runner 440 big block v8 sound

The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner has a 3-inch exhaust, and he is trying to get the best sound of it. So he first tried Flowmaster and then Glasspack mufflers. I kind of like better the Flowmaster idle, but those Cherry Bombs really let the 440 breathe and make it sound marvelous when he steps on the throttle.


Either way, I love the sound of a Big Block Mopar. Enough said. Turn up the volume and enjoy the video. In case you wan to follow him on YouTube, his channel is: @WillyCoyoteV8

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