The Twin Turbo 1961 Plymouth Belvedere Up Close

modified 1961 plymouth belvedere


Tony Netzel on His Wicked '61 Belvedere!

Acquired a 1961 Plymouth Belvedere for the ridiculous amount of $300 back in 1994, Tony Netzel never knew what kind of wicked hot rod his Mopar will become years later. Even with just a few mods and upgrades his ride garnered the eyeballs so he decided to go all in on the project.

custom built 1961 plymouth belvedere


Unfortunately life happened and he had to postpone the build for a while. Today the highly modified 1961 Plymouth Belvedere has a killer look, awesome custom interior and 700 horsepower twin turbocharged V8 beast married to a 727 TorqueFlite tranny.

Check out the Xceleration Media's video for more on this Mopar. Watch, Enjoy & Share!


Plymouth Belvedere Nostalgia Super Stock Car