900hp Street Driven 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Build

procharged 1967 plymouth barracuda 440 build


Awesome 1967 Barracuda Built In Garage Squad!

Built in Velocity's Garage Squad this Pro Street 1967 Plymouth Barracuda is one beautiful old school Mopar packed with mods and capable of serious power and torque. The car is far from stock, actually fully set for the drag strip if we don't count the tires, but at the same time is street legal and the owner uses it for a daily driver.

900hp pro street 1967 plymouth barracuda


Powered by s Procharged 440 V8 motor the owner believes his sweet 900 horsepower 1967 Plymouth Barracuda will score 9-seconds on the quarter mile with ease, but although he has a drag strip in his own farm he likes to keep it on the street and provoke the cops instead.

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875hp Plymouth Barracuda Ray Barton 528 HEMI