Vitamin C 1970 HEMI Superbird In Mint Condition

vitamin c 1970 plymouth hemi superbird


1970 Plymouth Superbird - As Close To Perfect As It Gets!

This Vitamin C Orange 1970 Hemi Superbird is another one of the pristine Mopar muscle cars part of Tom Lembeck's collection. As a true fan Tom spends countless hours and puts a lot of attention to details restoring his classic cars and this iconic Plymouth Superbird is no exception.

When he acquired the winged car about 10 years ago he was surprised to find out that she is very well preserved with the 426 HEMI motor, 4-speed manual transmission and all the sheet metal being original. Tom drove it for a while and decided to fully restore his Vitamin C Orange 1970 Plymouth Superbird and boy he has done a tremendous job.


orange 1970 plymouth superbird restored

Check out my friend Lou's video for the whole story of this Mopar and don't forget to SHARE!


Test Driving an Original 1970 Plymouth Superbird