All Custom 600hp Plymouth Barracuda Daily Driver

supercharged 1969 plymouth hemi barracuda

Rich Kobliha of Xcessive Manufacturing is one of those car guys who defines the line between passion and insanity. All his cars are fully customized he drives them daily and often push them to the limit. What we are going to show you here is his all custom 1969 Plymouth Barracuda powered by a supercharged 354 cubic inch HEMI V8 motor kicking in 600 horsepower controlled by 727 TorqueFlite transmission.

all custom 1969 plymouth barracuda street car

Sit yourself comfortable before you hit the play button, because in the next 10 minutes you will learn all about this killer custom built 1969 Plymouth HEMI Barracuda from the owner Rich Kobliha as well as see him showing off the capabilities of his Mopar to the Hoonigans crew. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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