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Story of Curt Cepican’s Procharged 1969 Dodge Dart 318 Build

Curt Cepican acquires the 1969 Dodge Dart when he was 18-year old. The Mopar had a Slant 6 engine in it and was in pretty rough overall condition. Of course, as any young muscle car enthusiast he wanted a good looking and well performing ride to cruise around with and started working on it right away.

First thing he did was replacing the interior, put disc brakes from a later model A-body Mopar and set his 1969 Dodge Dart on 16-inch Torque Thrust wheels. After driving it for couple of years the Slant 6 was already tired and it was time for the ’69 Dart to get a new heart.

As Curt already had a few cars he decided to build the 318 V8 motor from his ’74 Plymouth Scamp, Procharge it with an unit he got from another car of his and throw it in the 1969 Dodge Dart. He also changed the wheels with 18-inch Boyd Coddington Smoothie 2 and put a built 904 transmission.

Before the 318 engine went into the 1969 Dodge Dart, Curt had it machined and assembled at a local machine shop in Chicago and did the rest of the work himself:

.30 over 318, stock crank, forged rods and pistons (8.6 to 1), performer RPM heads, edelbrock single plane intake, custom cam motion cam, pro systems 750 blow through carb, TTI step headers, 3″ exhaust, sumped tank, aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, Intercooled Procharger P600B with 15 PSI.

Owner of this beautiful 1969 Dodge Dart producing way over 500 horsepower for nearly 20 years, Curt still enjoys driving the Mopar as often as possible and taking his 3-year old daughter to local cruise nights. “Maybe one day I’ll let her drive it….maybe” said Curt with a smile on his face.

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