1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S Former Coca Cola Race Car

restored 1968 plymouth barracuda formula s

A beautifully restored 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S is what John has received from his wife as anniversary gift. How cool is that, right? Sure it is, but this isn’t your average classic Mopar either. This is one of the race cars purchased brand new back in the day by the Coca Cola company when they were heavily into drag racing and advertising with racers.

1968 plymouth barracuda former coca cola race car

Put in storage in 1972 when the NHRA rules changed, the 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S was restored in 2013 and acquired by John just few months ago. The car looks super clean, very aggressive and sports its original drivetrain including a numbers matching 383 Super Commando motor stroked to 478 cubic inches producing over 600 horsepower.

Check out the US Classic Muscle Cars video to learn all about this amazing Mopar!

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