Highly Original ’70 Plymouth Superbird V-Code (Video Review)

original 1970 plymouth superbird v code review

As a part of a large classic car collection and 1 of the 1920 Road Runner Superbirds this is already a rare Mopar collector, but there is more. This highly original Lemon Twist Yellow 1970 Plymouth Superbird is 1 of the 308 V-coded muscle cars. I’m talking about the highly desirable 440 cubic inch Six Pack V8 motor factory rated at 390 horsepower sent through 4-speed manual transmission with pistol grip shifter.

lemon twist 1970 plymouth superbird v code

This amazing 1970 Plymouth Superbird V-code collector car is currently part of the Spud’s Garage musclecar inventory. We are not associated with them, it’s just that the gentleman who represent the shop does a very detailed review of the Mopar and I’m sure there are a lot of you who would love to learn more on these iconic muscle cars, specially while reviewing such a pristine exmple.

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