1 of 3 Known to Exist 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury 413 V8 Wedge

1962 plymouth sport fury wedge motor

Only three people are privileged to own a classic high performance Mopar like this 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury powered by a 413 cubic inch V8 Wedge Super Stock motor. This particular example painted in Ermine White belongs to Tom Wolters who bought it off his boss back in 1963. Few years later Tom had to sell it as he couldn’t afford to drive it in high school.

rare plymouth sport fury

He missed the Mopar very much through out the years and about 10 years ago was able to locate his 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury 413 V8 Wedge. You already figured Tom bought it back and now he shares the whole story in front of my friend Lou’s camera during the Geneva Concours d’Elegance in Illinois. Check out the video to learn more on this remarkable classic Mopar and hit the Like!

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