SCJ Ford Torino Vs 389 Pontiac GTO | Drag Racing

429 scj ford torino vs pontiac gto drag racing

Here we are again at the Mid Michigan Motorplex for another awesome drag racing video between two beautiful classic cars. We have a Super Cobra Jet 1970 Ford Torino powered by the mighty 429 V8 lining up against a 1966 Pontiac GTO fitted with 389 V8 with both cars having a 4-speed manual transmission and similar rear gears (4.30 vs 4.33). Obviously the SCJ Ford Torino has more power, but the Pontiac GTO weighs less, so it’s a great race to watch.

Play the Cars and Zebras video to see this great 1/4 mile action share your thoughts.

Did You See the Story of Dave’s Tire Shredding 429 SCJ Ford Torino?

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calypso coral 1970 ford torino drag pack
Click on the Photo to See the Story of this 1970 Ford Torino 429 Super Cobra Jet

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