The 1959 Dodge Custom Royal is a True Masterpiece

1959 dodge custom royal classic car


The aggressive '59 only front look and very cool options of the Dodge Custom Royal model made this Mopar one of the most attractive classic cars for the owner Mike McCandless. It's nice to see the young gearhead appreciating and actually driving this piece of automotive history, considering most guys his age have probably never seen one.

1959 dodge custom royal 361 v8


The 1959 Dodge Custom Royal is one of those masterpieces from the late 50's standing out with amazing style, comfort and a big trunk you could eat lunch in. The car has a 361 powerplant under the hood, which isn't great when compared to the 60's muscle cars, but it does have a very nice V8 sound coming through the dual exhaust.

My friend Lou interviewed Mike at the Chrysler Nationals. Check out the video!


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