1961 Ford Starliner with 427 V8 and 3 Deuce Carbs

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1961 ford starliner

Back in the early 60’s when muscle car was not a term yet, the Big 3 were making some astonishing automobile designs. The 1961 Ford Starliner is a great example with its space-age styling, and the optional 390 powerplant could get you in a lot of trouble on the street, but the classic featured in this video has been hot rodded quite a bit.

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ford starliner 427 3 deuce carbs

Besides being very well preserved, this 1961 Ford Starliner part of the amazing Brothers Collection sports a 427 V8 mill with big cam and 3 two-barrel carbs on top. Beautiful design, big size and plenty of muscle under the hood, this 1961 Ford Starliner is a rocket ship for the street. Check out the video to see its full story told by Kevin Oeste.

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