Cool 1965 Dodge A100 Van Build "The Mystery Machine"

The cool gang from the famous "Scooby Doo" TV show have been searching for weird phenomena to solve for more than 5 decades traveling around in their cool van known as "The Mystery Machine."


1965 dodge a100 mystery machine build

Some say the van was a Chevy, while others believe it's a Mopar. There is no official consensus, but this 1965 Dodge A100 recently sold at the Ideal Classic Cars is definitely a great tribute to "The Mystery Machine." By the way if you are on the market for a van, you can get access to its full history by doing a reg van check.


1965 dodge a100 van mystery machine

With a cool paint job and rolling on a set of Cragar S/S wheels, this 1965 Dodge A100 probably turns more heads than a Lambo. The fully custom interior is as cool, and the power comes from a Big Block Mopar.


Play Ideal Classic Cars video of "The Mystery Machine" Dodge A100 van.

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