1969 Ford Torino 428 Cobra Jet Making a 1/4 Mile Pass

1969 ford torino 428 cobra jet 1/4 mile drag racing


Today we will go back in time to 2015 when this tough 1969 Ford Torino Cobra showed up at the FE Race and Reunion event to make its first 1/4 mile pass since the late 90's. It is a street legal muscle car powered by arguably the best street performance FE engine Ford ever made, the legendary 428 Cobra Jet. Fighting a 20mph headwind and running on DOT tires, the Black Cobra was able to score 11.85 at 111mph.

Play Rich DiBonaventura's video to see the 1969 Ford Torino in action at Beaver Springs Dragway


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1971 ford torino gt drag racing
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