545 Big Block 1966 Ford Fairlane Dips Into the 9-Secs

Towards the end of last year we featured one rowdy stick shift Inline-6 Mercury Comet. Very cool build running high 10-seconds, the "Six Gun" got tons of love. Today I want to show you another awesome car from the SLER Racing family.


1966 ford fairlane drag racing

Ron's 1966 Fairlane looks real tough and sounds pretty mean. It sports a bold 545 cube Big Block Ford V8 mill, and it runs 9.90 seconds at 135 mph. And these guys are keeping it old school. All Throttle - No Bottle. Loving it.


big block ford fairlane drag racing

Here is a quick compilation of Ron's 545 Big Block 1966 Ford Fairlane hooking and booking. Turn up the volume, hit the play and enjoy the SLER Racing video.


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ford fairlane street car drag racing
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