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Story of John Lia’s 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS 454

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Those of you who are familiarized with the history of Chevrolet Chevelle know that back in 1967 the Super Sport edition was produced as a separate model known as SS 396. All original SS Chevelle muscle cars had an “8” as a 3rd number in the VIN (138177A137871) and are also called true 138 cars.

Fascinated with the 1967 El Caminos John Lia from Vegårshei, Norway has acquired one back in 2015, but there is one thing the truck wasn’t good for and that’s taking his kids and wife along for a ride. As a huge fan of the 1967 front end John naturally started looking for a Chevy Chevelle from the same year.

After searching online for a while John has come across this Granada Gold 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS on Hemmings and it didn’t take too long until he fell in love with it. Fully restored and highly original the muscle car impressed him with immaculate classic appearance, beautiful stance and bold V8 motor married to manual transmission.

Purchased by John Lia a little over an year ago from the Midwest Car Exchange in Alsip, IL this rare 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS was born at the Atlanta, Georgia Assembly Plant and recently restored at the Sachse Rod Shop. The Norwegian Chevrolet enthusiast have even won couple of awards at local events.

With its factory correct Granada Gold color, Black bucket seat vinyl interior and Rally wheels this true 138-code 1967 Chevy Chevelle looks very much like it came of the showroom floor back in the day. However, when it comes to performance the 396 badges are actually not accurate.

During the restoration John’s 1967 Chevelle SS has been fitted with a rebuilt 454 Big Block Chevy V8 dressed with high performance parts including 850 Holly carburetor and Hooker Competition Headers. The muscle car produces around 450hp controlled by a 5-speed manual transmission and 12-bolt rear end.

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