'57 Chevy BelAir Wagon Transformed Into El Camino

57 chevy wagon converted into el camino


This is definitely not the only one Chevy Bel Air converted to El Camino out there, but it's definitely done very well. I can't say if it's right or wrong to do such thing to a classic, just don't mind cool custom builds, and Brett shares his Father Larry Williamson started with a car that wasn't anything special.

57 chevy bel air el camino build


In case you don't care much about the Bel Air Wagon - El Camino conversion, you surely will enjoy watching Brett Williamson racing their '57 Chevy drag car powered by alcohol injected 496 Big Block with aluminum heads. Best ET: 5.94@117mph in the 1/8th and 8.98@148mph in the 1320.

Check out my man James Hrovat's video to see this cool Chevys' at Byron Dragway.


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1957 chevy 350 zz6 small block
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