Mike McKee’s 1969 Dodge Dart with Hellcat Drivetrain

Mike McKee acquired this '69 Dodge Dart back in the early 80's. As in many other hot rod stories, he had the Mopar sitting in a barn for years until a decision was made. Rebuilding the car and putting it back on the road.


mckee 1969 dodge dart build

Considering that this is a 1969 Dodge Dart GTS convertible born with 383 big block mated to a 4-speed, most people would restore the rare Mopar back to original specs. Well, Mike McKee's is not like most people.


1969 dodge dart hellcat drivetrain

The owner of McKee's Hot Rod Shop went on with a full Hellcat drivetrain. While he races the '69 Dodge Dart, Mike mostly drives it on the street. So he added some comfort by installing air conditioning and heated seats.


hellcat swapped 1969 dodge dart

I would not criticize him. It is his car, and all that matters is what makes him happy. Running a hot rod shop, Mike will also get more attention and customers when showing up at various events with his Hellcat swapped '69 Dart.

Play the video from Holley's MoParty to see more on the '69 Dart build.

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