Superb 1968 Chevy Chevelle 572 Pro Touring Build

pro touring 1968 chevy chevelle


1968 Chevelle Build “Smokin’ Joe” at 2018 Autorama!

Reggie Eadie’s Pro Touring 1968 Chevelle is what I like to call a killer build. Combination of astonishing appearance, outstanding custom interior and Big Block Chevy under the hood with nothing being over the top just clean and mean.

The iconic Chevrolet Chevelle body design is well preserved and nicely enhanced with some minor body mods like the Kindig-It door handles, mirrors from Vision Hot Rods, Dakota Digital tail lights and head lights from HID and of course the mile deep Black paint and good choice of wheels.


1968 chevy chevelle 572 build

Inside the “Smokin Joe” 1968 Chevy Chevelle build is as impressive. The Shop LLC interior is very stylish, the upholstery is high end and the most notable additions are the Autometer gauges, Flaming River steering wheel and push start button. Under the hood everything is nicely detailed and the mill is a monstrous 572 Chevy V8.


1968 chevy chevelle smokin joe

My man Scottie filmed the muscle car at 2018 Autorama. Check out the video!

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