Awesome 427 Stroker Ford F100 Truck Build Goes Wild

1977 ford f100 truck build


Previously built by an off-road company, this 1977 Ford F100 was only enjoyed by its owner for a month before he rolled it in the desert. Then the truck was rebuilt by the guys at RJ Fabrication in Hesperia, CA, and I totally love the way it looks, sounds and runs.

427 stroker ford f100 truck build


The Ford F100 sports a 351 Windsor based 427 stroker engine pushing north of 500 horsepower conrolled by C6 transmission and 4.53 geared rear. If you think about it those are relatively small HP numbers for a big truck, but as you will see it is plenty of fun.

Check out AutotopiaLA's video to see all about the Ford F100 build and some great action.


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