1973 ford mustang convertible review & test drive
Convertible 1973 Mustang Review & Test Drive.

Even if this body style is not your favorite, if you like classic Mustangs I am pretty sure you are going to be impressed by this super clean and well equipped Ford Mustang. The nice paint job and striping combined with the factory style wheels and upgraded suspension gives this muscle car a very cool sporty look.

1973 ford mustang convertible review & test driveThis ’73 Mustang is also loaded with options and has a very welcoming interior promising a comfortable ride. Originally powered by a 351 two-barrel engine this Convertible Mustang has been upgraded to 4BBl and dressed with more goodies for better performance. 

See this Mustang’s review & test drive brought to you by Mainly Muscle Cars. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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