Snarling 10-Second 1967 Ford Mustang Daily Driver

1967 ford mustang 302 daily driver

Awesome 1967 Mustang Build From Bartolo Motorsports!

Acquiring a classic Mustang at the age of 14 is not something that happens to many people or at least not to the people I know. Well that is the story of this custom built 1967 Mustang Coupe and we can only admire the patience and enthusiasm that the owner has.

1967 mustang bartolo motorsports

He has bought the car for a $1,000 as a teenager, but the young man has spent about 8 years on the project and it certainly has a huge impact on his life. Built by Bartolo Motorsports this 1967 Ford Mustang has a sinister look, beefed up 302 Small Black V8 motor and a great set up that works for both the street and the track.

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See the video for the full story of this awesome 1967 Mustang daily driver.

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