The 3,000 Wheel Horsepower ’68 Chevy Kingpin Nova

1968 chevy kingpin nova build

Some of you might have seen the radical 1968 Chevy Kingpin Nova as it was Young Guns Top 12 Finalist at SEMA Battle of the Builders, but trust me this beast is built to be driven and raced, rather than trailered. In fact, this is a full interior car with insane attention to detail all the way around and over 3,000 horsepower to the wheels.

3,000 wheel horsepower 1968 chevy nova build

I know it sounds crazy, but with Larry Larson involved in the build everything is possible. The Kingpin 1968 Nova sports a 632 Big Block Chevy engine with Big Chief heads and pair of 88mm Precision turbos paired with TH400 transmission and controlled by FuelTech FT600 system. Would you like to go for a ride and see this animal on the dyno?

Just hit the play button and enjoy the ride onboard the 1968 Chevy Kingpin Nova!

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