2015 saleen mustang black label edition details

Steve Saleen on the 2015 Black Label Mustang!

Steve Saleen and his company are responsible for some of the hottest special edition Mustangs for the last 30+ years and this year’s Saleen Black Label Mustang is not an exception. Steve and his team have learned a lot during the years and the 2015 Black Label edition Mustang is better than ever.

The whole new aerodynamic mods completely changing the profile, loads of carbon fiber significantly reducing the weight and newly designed 20-inch wheels make this modern muscle car looks extremely aggressive.

new saleen mustang black label details

Interior wise the new Saleen Mustang has been also completely redone. Alcantara have been used on the nice racing style seats as well as on the steering wheel and more custom touches are added for more sporty driving experience.

Plenty of performance upgrades like the new suspension and brakes are added to make it easier controlling the Twin Screw Supercharged engine capable of up to 750 horse power.

Check out the interview with Steve Saleen to learn more. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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