Radical 1970 Dodge Charger Build at 2017 Autorama

custom built 1970 dodge charger solo

This 1970 Charger Is Sick From Every Angle!

With their latest project Bruce Harvey and the crew at Pro Comp Custom has gone way over the top. These guys have quite a few award winning custom built muscle cars and trucks but the 1970 Dodge Charger “Solo” they unveiled at the 2017 Detroit Autorama car show is a real freak.

1970 dodge charger 2017 detroit autorama

Of course most die hard Mopar fans will say that this is another ruined classic, but with so many shops and projects competing at Autorama you have to be different in order to stand out in the crowd. And the Solo Charger is just a perfect example of how to be different.

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1970 dodge charger r5 nascar engine

Sectioned body, chopped roof, killer BASF paint and Litespeed Racing 3-piece wheels wrapped in White letter Toyo’s is what draws a lot of attention to this slammed 1970 Dodge Charger. The aggression continue inside the Solo Charger where everything is finished in Black as well and under the hood Pro Comp Custom have installed a Dodge R5 NASCAR engine capable of 730 horsepower sent trough a TKO600 transmission.

pro comp custom 1970 solo charger

Check out Scottie’s video from Autorama and don’t forget to SHARE!

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