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Tire Shredding Patina Chevy Silverado Truck Build

patina 1986 chevy silverado truck

Sweet Custom Built 1986 Silverado Truck!

I’m sure that the fans of squarebody Chevy trucks will find this 1986 Silverado custom job interesting. Nice Patina paint, slammed and spinning on nicely polished 20-inch aftermarket wheels this pick up certainly looks different.

The interior is fully redone and feels fresh and when it comes to power this Patina 1986 Chevy Silverado truck relies on well massaged 350 Chevrolet V8 motor connected to automatic transmission.

Overall really nice Chevy Silverado build brought to you by HotRod Dirtys. Check out the video to see more details, some cool burnouts and of course don’t forget to SHARE!

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