Ultra Clean 1500hp Procharged 1969 Camaro Build

procharged big block 1969 camaro build


Owned by the former Formula 1 and Le Mans racer Mika Salo from Finland this 1969 Chevy Camaro build impress with great attention to detail and tons of power. As you can see the muscle car does not have any major body mods, the flawless paint, lowered suspension and BBS wheels makes it look really good, but the classic appearance stops here.

mika salo 1969 chevy camaro


Mika Salo's 1969 Chevy Camaro has a racing style interior with roll cage, Sparco seats and custom dashboard letting us know that there is something special under the hood. The custom built muscle car packs a Procharged Big Block V8 mill producing 1500 horsepower which sounds awesome through out the side pipe exhaust.

Check out Jamboolio's video to see this 1969 Camaro build up close and smack the Like!


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