Split Bumper Z/28 Camaro | Top Notch Pro Street Build

If you have been following Hot Cars for a while, this top notch pro street build may look familiar. It looks a lot like our friend Abel Garza’s Blown 540 Big Block Z/28 Camaro, but it’s not. This is a 1971 Chevrolet Camaro owned by Ken Paparella.

split bumper z/28 camaro pro street build

Ken Paparella has always been into Camaros. His previous project was a pro touring 1st Gen, and then he acquired this Gen 2 back in 2009. Influenced by his buddies who all had blower cars, he decided to transform the 1971 Chevy Camaro into a pro street machine. And man, he did hell of a job on this one.

split bumper z/28 chevy camaro build

It is a true split bumper Z/28 Camaro with flawless paint and cool graphic on the hood. The interior is all business as you would expect to see in a high end pro street built muscle car. And those massive 33×22.5 Hoosier’s wrapped around 15-inch wheels at the back require a lot of power to get moving.

If you’re not scared when you’re driving it, then it ain’t powerful enough!

blown big block 1971 camaro pro street build

The engine bay looks like a jewellery box. It accommodates a beautifully detailed and stuffed with top shelf performance goodies Big Block V8 mill. Equipped with a 14-71 BDS Supercharger topped with a pair of 1050 Holley’s the 1971 Chevy Camaro makes north of 1,000 horsepower. And that’s on 6 pounds of boost.

My man Austin from Hot Rod Heaven USA did a cool video feature of Ken Paparella’s pro street Z/28 Camaro. Check it out and wait for the ride along part.

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1970 chevy camaro build
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