Loud Twin Turbo Coyote S197 Mustang 1370hp Dyno Pull

twin turbo coyot mustang dyno pull

When we talk about forced induction and specially about twin turbocharged modern Mustangs the Fathouse Fabrications is the undisputed leader. These guys raise the bar with every muscle car that arrives in their shop and this loud twin turbocharged S197 Mustang is no exception.


Powered by MPR Racing Engines built Coyote V8 Motor mounted to Powerglide tranny, equipped with the FathouseFab custom fabricated Twin 64mm Turbo set up and tuned on One Ethanol R by Johnson Tuning this S197 Mustang sends the whoping 1370 horsepower to the wheels.

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Turn up the volume and enjoy this loud twin turbo Coyote Mustang dyno pull!

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