The Quickest N/A Coyote Ford Mustang in the World

Drag racing Fox Body Mustangs for ages, Mike Washington has some great achievements in the past. He currently owns the quickest naturally aspirated Coyote powered Ford Mustang in the world.


quickest naturally aspirated coyote mustang

Image Source: RacePagesDigital


Proving many people that impossible is nothing, Mike has called his 1993 Fox Body Mustang "Pure Evil" for a reason!

quickest all motor coyote ford mustang

The 17 to 1 compression Ford Coyote V8 engine sends way over 700 horsepower to the rear wheels. Mike is banging gears at nearly 10,000rpm running mid 8 seconds on the 1/4 mile. Check out REVan Evan's video to see all about the world's quickest Naturally Aspirated Coyote Ford Mustang.


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twin turbo coyote mustang drag racing
Click on the Photo for the 7-second Coyote Mustang